2018 Competition WINNERS                                                                          

1ST PLACE                  Jing Zhang                      Thorn Bird   

2ND PLACE                 Vincent Lin                      Finding the Earth   


3RD PLACE                  Paolo Geminiani          As If a Far Mist

​                                                 Harrison Le                    Patriot   



IAEF sponsors the 2018 Electronic Music Competition Call

                         Experimental  Electronic, IDM, Avant-Garde compositions. 

Creative  sound designs that can incorporate acoustic improvisations

or written scores. 

Composition jury:

Dr. Giovanni Costantini, Dr. Riccardo Santoboni, Dr. Linda A. Marcel

 25 June 2018 - 6 July 2018

         Rome, Italy

   University of Rome, Tor Vergata



No travel expenses will be paid by the competition.        

     Attendance is not required, but welcome. 


** See competition information page for more information