You might wonder who I am and why I’ve organized this competition.  My name is Linda Marcel, and I am a composer and music event producer.  I recently completed a 34-year career as Professor of Music as Bergen Community College.  I am, however, still collaborating with colleagues and festivals in Italy, and working with the University of Rome, Tor Vergata.  My objective for organizing this composition competition is to inspire composers of electronic music.  It is my hope to open new visions from the usual parameters of electronic styles by collaborating with students in Italy.  This project unites composers and acoustic performers from two countries creating new possibilities that inspire unique qualities of art..

            The colleagues involved with the 21 October concert,  “FUSE” at the Di Menna Center have a very deep understanding of  music software that might be new for you.  They have a tremendous depth of musicianship, learned in a traditional manner that is a foundation for their works.  The music is different, experimental, but cutting edge.  It offers new ways to consider electronic composition.  In addition to Professors from Italy, the concert will feature some of the finest electronic faculty in the US; University of Florida, Virginia Tech, NYU, and Temple University. The Italian composers represent the conservatories of St. Cecelia, Bari, and the Univ. of Rome.  We are of an older generation, but I believe our works might intrigue you.  For many summers, we join together in Rome to perform. All of us share a common mentor friend and teacher,  Dinu Ghezzo, who is one of the bright stars of this world.  We honor him by keeping his teachings alive through our collaborations, and always work to include younger people.
            Our colleagues compose uniting electronic music with video and acoustic solo instruments. (We pay the student Italian performers, oh say 25 euros to perform and improvise with our computer sounds.   It’s been an exciting and powerful way to grow and develop musically.  Composers from the U.S. working in music have special skill sets which are different and can compliment the composers and musicians of Italy. When we collaborate together,  the results can be awesome and inspiring. 

If you find yourself interested in traveling to Rome: The competition cannot pay for your traveling expenses, but when I go to Rome, I stay in the dormitories often, at $38.00 to $40. Euros nightly.  I stay at Campus X in Rome.  The Italian cafeteria food is amazing and very inexpensive!  Campus X has free shuttles to the subways.  Bitonto (where the music festival will be held) is 4 hours south of Rome.  That would be a much more expensive endeavor, but in my opinion, worth the investment.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Bitonto, Traetta Music Festival

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Some say it is best to let you explore alone, creating your work with no suggestions.  This is a fine way to work. You may choose to read no further. Others say it might help you to hear some examples, so I shall list some.  One of the mentors of the “old guarde” wanted me to express to you this point: consider having an acoustic instrument improvising to the composition you create.   So, I shall list some possibilities below, which you can consider if you wish. --But the point of this project is to merge your new rhythmic and harmonic qualities with some of the edge style of the experimental…. creating something new.  Listen for a moment to some of these…. at least to give you a new flavor.

and if you can understand Italian:

Composition Combinations: all equally welcome:
1.  Electronic Tape
2.  Electronic Tape with Video
3.  Electronic Tape musically intersecting with an acoustic instrument(s).

Einar Jóhsson is an Icelandic sculptor who lived approx. 20 years in Europe studying with different masters many places throughout Europe before he returned home to Reykjavik to work and share his art.  For me, this statue is inspirational.

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