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Some say it is best to let you explore alone, creating your work with no suggestions.  This is a fine way to work. You may choose to read no further. Others say it might help you to hear some examples, so I shall list some.  One of the mentors of this group   wanted me to express to you this point: consider having an acoustic instrument improvising to the composition you create.   So, I shall list some possibilities below, which you can consider if you wish. --But the point of this project is to merge your new rhythmic and harmonic qualities with some of the edge style of the experimental…. creating something new.  Listen for a moment to some of these…. at least to give you a new flavor.










Einar Jóhsson is an Icelandic sculptor who lived approx. 20 years in Europe studying with different masters many places throughout Europe before he returned home to Reykjavik to work and share his art.    Inspirational?  Yes!

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 "The Artists' Sensibility"

  When we collaborate

  with people from

  different world

  perspectives, the

  results can be

  inspiring and meaningful. 

  Our art has the power

  to unite and create awareness. 

  This competition offers

  musicians and video artists the    possibilities of international

  collaboration that can enhance 

  networking and future projects. 

  The theme of the  2020 April 

  competition is

  "The Artists' Sensibility".     

  Imagine the possibilities as    

  you create a meaningful     

  music  composition, and then 

  work with a selected

  artist from Italy.  Choose a

  theme that is important and 

  gives your voice meaning  

  through a shared experience of    collaboration. Keep works

  approximately 7 - 8 minutes

  in duration. 


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Important Details

  • Please use a file transfer service such as WeTransfer,  Web Cargo or Google drive  to send your files to lindaAmarcel@gmail.com
  • Electroacoustic music for fixed media alone, with up to 8 channels
  • Compositions involving live electronics, including computer processing, with up to 8 channels
  • Works combining music instruments with live or fixed media electronics with up to 8 channels​
  • Open to all composers, regardless of nationality, age or career stage

 It is my hope to open new visions of electronic music styles by collaborating with people from the United States, Italy, and around the world.. This project unites composers, visual artists, acoustic performers, and perhaps dancers from many countries, thus creating new possibilities.     

~ Linda Marcel