International Arts Educators Forum, (IAEF)

An organization that produces inspirational multi-media concerts, and sound workshops.  We are dedicated to sound organization that promotes musical understanding,  increasing awareness, health and well-being.  

The Tempest Project:  UCI, Lisa Naugle, John Crawford, Conservatory of Bari, Italy

Multi-Media, film, dance, music, and electronics

We offer concerts,
lecture-performances and
master classes with

world renowned
Performing artists.
We create partnerships with rehabilitation centers to inspire health and wellness through music.
Linda Marcel
201. .925. 1676
Our mission

  • Music can be inspiring.  It is On this principle, that we bring multi-faceted music experiences to audiences.  
  • our performances strive to engender inspiration and sustain people on a personal subjective level..
  • We bring classical music experiences that include new music from contemporary composers. 
  • Some of our programs include multi-media platforms and electronics.
  • Some of our programs include experiences in relaxation and invite personal healing through sound.
  • We offer career planning and the consideration of work possibilities through partnership with Career Futures, LLC.